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We also manufacture a number of chemical compounds such as sulfates (cobalt sulfate monohydrate, zinc sulfate monohydrate, technical grade copper sulfate monohydrate…
Chelates – in touch with nature. The power of micronutrients.

In our offering we have not only a range of classic products but also numerous products based on innovative solutions, created on the basis of state-of-the-art developments of science and biotechnology, namely high class chelates, i.e. organically bound micronutrients. At present our offering comprises the following chelate product lines:

  • Chelmax and L – Chelmax (chelates based on amino acids coming from hydrolysis of soya protein) – Zn-10, Zn-15, Fe-10, Fe-15, Cu-10, Cu-15, Mn-10, Mn-15,
  • Glystar and Glystar Forte (glycine-based chelates) – the glycine to metal ratio is 1:1 and 2:1, respectively – Zn, Mn, Fe, Cu
  • MetStar (methionine-based zinc chelates)
  • Actipol and L-Actipol (containing fully chelated elements: Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Co – based on EDTA, Fe, Mn – based on DTPA, Fe – based on EDDHA and EDDHSA).
„Custom-made products”

In our product range you will also find chemical compounds used in different industries.

We also have technologies which make it possible to recover metals and metal compounds from industrial waste and prepare high quality “custom-made” products satisfying your unique needs.

In particular we offer:

  • technical grade zinc oxide (ZnO)
  • zinc nitrate – solution (Zn(NO3)2)
  • sodium molybdate (Na2MoO4)
  • zinc, cobalt and sodium sulfates (ZnSO4, CoSO4xH2O, Na2SO4)
  • magnesium carbonate (MgCO3)
Innovations and technologies
What are the applications of our biotechnological products?

Our biotechnological products, in particular chelates, can be applied in any industrial process involving water, where thanks to their properties the presence of individual ions can be controlled. They are used in such areas as: production of medicines and diet supplements, agriculture, production of food and feeds, preservation of food, mining processes, production and processing of biogas, production of cosmetics and detergents, construction and production of paper.

This innovative method makes it possible to create modern and effective compounds, with broad applicability, more stable and efficient than standard preparations, with confirmed quality (very high chelation level has been confirmed by authorized laboratories, inter alia by PCBC (Polish Center for Testing and Certification)). Many of our chelates are biodegradable. We flexibly adapt to customers’ individual needs, making it possible to compose order-made products.

How do chelates work?

Chelates are compounds in which the organic element is tied to a metal ion. In the process of creation of chelates the metal cation is “clasped” in a ring structure, difficult to break by other substances. Permanent, water soluble compounds are formed which, thanks to their properties, can have versatile applications. Chelates also appear in nature (chlorophyll and hemoglobin).

About us
Arkop’s business lines

We have been building our experience in the chemical industry since 1992. Our goal is to manufacture chemicals making it possible to derive the very best nature has to offer. For this reason, our extensive product range entails the latest developments in biotechnology, in particular top grade chelates. As a result of our close long-term cooperation with scientific institutes and universities, we have manufactured proven and effective products. We constantly monitor our production process and incorporate the requisite modifications in striving to continue improving our offer and aligning it to meet customer needs and expectations. The Arkop brand name is synonymous with high quality because of both our close cooperation with scientific institutes and universities and the innovative technology we have launched based on proprietary research and experience. As a result, all our products adhere to the highest standards of quality and environmental protection adopted in the European Union. We proudly cooperate with customers from across the world.

We are also the undisputed leader in the domestic feed and fertilizer production market. We also cooperate with a number of long-term customers in international markets. Arkop’s main lines of business are: Feed Additives and Fertilizers. Visit our online shop – Arkop Fertilizers.

Arkop’s offer is complemented by our extensive experience in the field of Metallurgy.

Our customers

To meet our customers’ expectations, Arkop Sp. z o.o. cooperates with a number of universities and scientific institutes. Many years of fruitful cooperation have enabled us to create a range of products ensuring an unrivaled standard in the domestic and international markets. Our products have a global footprint with a steadily growing number of customers.



ARKOP Sp. z o.o.,

ul. Kolejowa 34a, 32-332 Bukowno, Poland

phone. +48 32 295 50 91 – 93

phone. +48 32 649 44 51

fax +48 32 649 44 50

e-mail: arkop@arkop.pl

KRS no.: 0000114231

NIP no.: 637-010-25-46

REGON no.: 271167603

Share capital: PLN 200.000

Sales Department

Manager of the Sales Department
Feed Additives, Engineering Products and Fertilizers for International Markets

gb flag ru flag Paweł Kaszuba

phone. +48 32 649 44 53
mobile. +48 604 168 251
e-mail: pawel.kaszuba@arkop.pl

Sales Specialist

de flag Krzysztof Cebo

phone. +48 32 649 44 52
mobile. +48 696 437 066
e-mail: krzysztof.cebo@arkop.pl

Sales Specialist

gb flag ru flag it flag sk flag cz flag Grzegorz Stępowski

phone. +48 32 649 44 61
mobile. +48 728 932 303
e-mail: grzegorz.stepowski@arkop.pl

Sales Specialist

fr flag Iwona Indyka

phone. +48 32 649 44 61
mobile. +48 728 931 197
e-mail: iwona.indyka@arkop.pl

Marketing and Sales

gb flag Anna Kowalewska

phone. +48 32 649 44 54
mobile. +48 728 931 130
e-mail: anna.kowalewska@arkop.pl

Production Foreman for Technical Issues

Wojciech Pietraszewski

phone. +48 32 649 44 66
mobile. +48 662 261 057
e-mail: wojciech.pietraszewski@arkop.pl

Production Department

Production Manager, Environment Protection and Waste Management Specialist

Arkadiusz Krzystanek, M.Eng.

phone. +48 32 649 44 68
mobile. +48 604 168 214
e-mail: arkadiusz.krzystanek@arkop.pl

Manager of the Sales Department
Feed Additives, Engineering Products and Fertilizers for International Markets

gb flag ru flag Paweł Kaszuba, M.A.

phone. +48 32 649 44 53
mobile. +48 604 168 251
e-mail: pawel.kaszuba@arkop.pl

Management Board Proxy on Quality Management Systems

gb flag Michał Ryszka, DVM

phone. +48 32 649 44 63
mobile. +48 662 059 729
e-mail: michal.ryszka@arkop.pl

Procurement Specialist

gb flag Tomasz Żukowski, Eng.

phone. +48 32 649 44 64
mobile. +48 728 931 191
e-mail: tomasz.zukowski@arkop.pl

If you are interested in other chelated products or if you have any questions regarding the possibility of applying our chelates in other areas than agriculture and feeds please contact

Mr. Adam Ciura at

+48 (32) 649-44-65.

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