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Immuno Activ Si

EC Fertilizer

Nutrients % [m/m]

N total

N urea

K2O soluble in water

SiO2 soluble in water

Immuno Activ Si 3,0 3,0 12,0 20,0

The most recent scientific research shows that silicon is a very important element for plant growth due to its crucial role in optimally shaping the immune system. Silicon particularly contributes to increasing plants tolerance to unfavourable environmental conditions and stress factors.

Immuno Activ Si is a liquid foliar fertilizer of the latest generation, containing potassium silicate compounds, which have a beneficial effect on plant immunity, and consequently results in increased yield. The silicon absorbed by the plant is deposited in the cell walls, causing their strengthening. The deposition of silicon in the cell wall hinders any pathogen – eg. fungi and pests such as aphids – attacking the plant. The beneficial effect of silicon nutrition is particularly important in alleviating stress factors such as low and high temperatures and exposure to drought. Immuno Activ Si reduces the stress associated with water deficit by reducing transpiration rate and enhancing a root growth. The silicon-reinforced cell walls contributes also to increase plants tolerance to frost. In addition, it is worth to mention, that Immuno Activ Si has also a beneficial effect on increasing sugar polarization in sugar beet as well as improving the taste of the fruits (increasing its perceived sweetness).


The fertilizer is designed for foliar feeding or soil application of both agricultural, vegetable and fruit crops. Due to the basic pH of Immuno Activ Si, it is not recommended to use it in combination with acidic products to avoid side effects. Use a 0.2% solution (eg. 200 ml per 100 liters of water) every 2 weeks on average, depending on the crop species.

Results of Immuno Activ Si:

  • improved cell wall strength and structural integrity
  • increased tolerance to stress
  • improved drought and freezing tolerance (especially in trees)
  • fungistatic action (inhibiting fungal growth)
  • significant yield improvement
  • improving the commercial quality of sugar beet by increasing the degree of sugar polarization



Posted on

Thursday September 3rd, 2020

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